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UK Visit Visa Sponsor Documents and Evidence of Support

Any third party such as a family member, friend, or a business associate can sponsor visitor visa UK. Accordingly, the sponsor can provide the evidence of maintenance (bank statement) and accommodation in support of UK visit visa application.

Any other person with whom an applicant has a genuine personal or professional relationship can also act as a third-party sponsor for UK visitor visa.

Sponsorship Requirements

If you are sponsoring anyone from abroad to visit UK as visitor you will need a Sponsorship Declaration
completed and signed by a witness.

Details required on Sponsorship Declaration.


Name   / Address /  Occupation

Name and Address of sponsor’s employer

Sponsor’s Earnings   with copies of wage slips

Sponsor’s Bank Statements

Sponsor’s accommodation details

Sponsor’s Passport Details   Copy required

Name, Address, and relationship of person(s) to be sponsored

For further Information
Please call 0116 229 0421