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Sri Lanka Online ETA Application

Visitors traveling to Sri Lanka for purposes including tourism, transit, business should have an ETA to travel to and within the country. Applicants can obtain a valid Electronic Travel Authorization.

What is an ETA

ETA is required for any visa-exempt foreign nationals who are traveling to Sri lanka . Although you can apply for ETA anytime, we strongly suggest you to apply for an ETA as soon as you have decided to travel Sri lanka. You must have your ETA approved before the entry. Your ETA will electronically be connected to your passport. Please .Sri Lanka ETA type is three kinds of sightseeing purpose, short term commercial purpose, transit (passing through the airport). You can choose the type of ETA according to the purpose of traveling.

Who needs an ETA

Visit to Sri Lanka for sightseeing and vacation purposes
• Visit friends and relatives of Sri Lanka
• Visit for medical purposes including yoga
• Participate in sports and cultural events in Sri Lanka
• Business opportunities and attend meetings
• Participate in local seminars
• Persons who receive local short-term training courses
• Participate in culture, arts, music, dance etc in Sri Lanka
• Participate in religious events.

ETA can only be applied online.  Documents required   Passport,  valid for more than 6 months

Gateway can process your ETA with ease. Please call our expert Visa Consultant.


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